Founder's Discount Coupon Now Available

Based on feedback, in order to protect existing community members from the recent price increase, now there is a founder’s discount available to greatly reduce the price from which you can renew your expired Patron Plugin Pro license or order a new one.

If you use the new discount code with the subscription checkout option, you can get a permanent ~30% discount for your license renewal or new subscription.

You can get the discount code from the announcement at Patreon, or in case you are already a mailing list member, from the email that was just sent to all members in the mailing list. (in case you are not, you can join the mailing list here)

You can see your existing licenses & downloads at your Codebard account here.

If you want a new license or just want a subscription with a new license instead of renewing an existing one, you can do so at the checkout page here. (this one should auto-apply the discount code).

The discount is made available based on the number of existing community members at the time of the price increase, so it will run out as it is used. If you need to renew your license or get a new one, hurry!

If you encounter any issues while using the discount code or renewing your license, just message here at Patreon or open a ticket at help desk.